Send your Instagram photos to Dropbox

Instagram as standard packs a great set of sharing options. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. One very popular service is missing. Dropbox. This post will explain how to have pictures send automatically to a folder of your choice within Dropbox.

Head over to and signup.

Once you have signed up create a new task. (

Click on “this” and choose a trigger channel. Choose “Instagram“.

You will then be asked to “Choose a trigger“.

This is where you choose what you want to happen within Instagram to trigger an action.

We will choose the first option “Any new photo by you“.

Click on the “Create trigger” button to complete the trigger field.

You will now see your current trigger. It should be something like this:

“if (instagram icon) then that

Click on “that” and then choose an action channel.

For this example will will choose Dropbox.

Click on the “Dropbox” icon.

Select the “Add file from URL” action.

Next you can configure any additional settings like the Dropbox folder to save the pictures in.

Once your happy click on the “Create action” button to finish.

Next time you take a picture using Instagram it should magically appear within your Dropbox.

You can use the Instaport service to download all your other Instagram pictures. Instaport will first ask you to login to Instagram, once you are authorized it will let you export your pictures as a .zip file. This is handy as the method described in the post above will only download any pictures from that point onwards. It won’t download the ones already posted.